Venus and Jupiter to be seen in Thai skies for the next few nights

Stargazers might be joyful to hear that Venus and Jupiter shall be seen in Thai skies for the subsequent few nights, according to the National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand (NARIT).
NARIT stated the two planets will virtually touch one another in the night time sky on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, Nation Thailand reported. The institute mentioned Venus and Jupiter will be seen to the naked eye at their closest conjunction and could be seen on all three nights if the skies are clear.
Copy have been slowly shifting nearer together over the previous month and are actually simple to identify within the Western skies after sunset from twilight onwards.
The conjunction of Venus and Jupiter might be visible on the Western horizon from sundown till around 8pm from every a part of Thailand, NARIT said. The planets will transfer near the constellation of Pisces.
Narit explained that the planets will seem in several configurations on the three nights.
On March 1, Jupiter might be seen roughly 0.8 levels above Venus. On March 2, Venus shall be seen facet by aspect with Jupiter roughly zero.6 degrees aside. On March 3, Venus will be seen approximately 1.four levels above Jupiter. The two planets will start drifting apart from one another on March 4.
It’s value noting that Venus is the third brightest natural physique in the sky after the Sun and Moon. Be certain to keep an eye fixed on the night time sky over the following few nights to catch this beautiful celestial event.
Venus is the second planet from the Sun and Jupiter is the fifth planet from the Sun. Venus is commonly called Earth’s “sister planet” as a result of it’s comparable in dimension and composition to Earth.
Jupiter has the strongest magnetic field of any planet in the Solar System. The planet also has between eighty and ninety two moons.
Both Venus and Jupiter have been visited by spacecraft. NASA’s Mariner 2 was the first spacecraft to fly by Venus in 1962, whereas Jupiter has also been visited by a number of spacecraft..

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