Taiwan biogas plant advantages from Landia mixing system

The new Pushige Biomass Energy Center in Hualien County on the east coast of Taiwan is the first biogas plant in the nation to make use of livestock manure as its feedstock, utilizing a digester mixing system made by Landia.
The plant features six of Landia’s externally mounted GasMix methods, which enhance biogas yields. The 18.5 kw items are helping generate what is going to amount to approximately 876,000 kWh of electrical energy annually for the Taipower grid (equivalent to the electrical energy capacity of 250 households) from 300 tonnes of livestock manure wastewater every day within the breeding area of Sanmin, Yuli Town the place eight livestock farms are home to nearly 10,000 pigs and close to 700 cows.
ราคาเกจวัดแรงดันน้ำ from the Landia Chopper Pump, the digester mixing system draws thick liquid from the underside of the 6,000 m3 tank, the place solids are chopped to speed up the digestion course of and forestall clogging of pipes and nozzles. In the primary stage of the mixing course of, the livestock wastewater is injected into the higher half of the digester, while biogas is aspirated from the highest of the tank and mixed into the liquid. This reduces buoyancy on the surface of the liquid, and the rising gas bubbles continue to mix after the pumps are switched off.

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