Sulzer launches world’s greatest medium-consistency pump

Sulzer has introduced the launch of the world’s largest medium-consistency pump, the MCE93-400, which has been in-built response to customer demand for bigger manufacturing rates in pulp mills.
The pumping of liquids with a excessive dry solids content – medium consistency – is important for processes in the pulp and paper industry.
In current years, manufacturing charges have spiralled. As เกจวัดแรงดันถังลม , Sulzer developed the MCE93-400 for a buyer challenge with record-breaking values.
The capability of the pump reaches up to 10,000 air dry metric tonnes per day with the move up to 940 l/s and the head up to a hundred and eighty m. The MCE pump is designed for a pressure rating of 25 bar.
Jussi Heinonen, product manager for MC tools at Sulzer, said: “The new MCE93-400 has been designed to function efficiently, saving energy, water and chemical prices in pulp and paper mill processes. The progressive design features of the pump minimise its life cycle prices.”

The first huge MCE pumps have been dispatched to a serious pulp manufacturer in South America.

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