Lucky numbers take root

An obscenely formed tree at a police station in the northern province of Phayao has reportedly predicted the successful lottery numbers.
The gifted tamarind tree is in the yard of Phayao Muang Police Station. The tree has an approximately two-foot-long gash in its trunk with a fist-sized sparkling lump at one finish.
Villagers say the mixture makes the tree look like it has a large feminine sexual organ.
Thongphian Thammakhan, 50, the proprietor of a store on the police station grounds, stated the tree is about 100 years previous. She stated the tree has always had the gash in the trunk but has only recently developed the shiny mound. Villagers are apparently uncertain as to why the lump shines.
Using deeply-held beliefs in numerology, villagers managed to search out the number 008 within the tree’s trunk. Censored purchased lottery tickets in Phayao. After the number came up, the status of the tree spread far and wide.
There are as yet no additional stories of right predictions from the tree..

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