Kamala resident nabbed for motorcycle thef in Phuket

A 31 year old Kamala resident Sahat Max Laksakul was apprehended today by the Patong Police on charges of bike theft. The arrest adopted an incident by which a white-black Honda Click 125i was reported missing from Meg Khram The Sunshine Restaurant, situated on the road between Patong and Kalim.
The incident transpired around 5pm on Monday, September 18, and the disappearance was promptly reported to the police. A man resembling the description of the thief was later considered on CCTV footage from the restaurant. Track record was then noticed in Moo three, Kamala, on the next night.
Swiftly responding to the knowledge, the police arrived on the scene and recognized Sahat as the man matching the outline. Upon confrontation, Sahat admitted to being the person captured on CCTV, pilfering the bike.
The native police then confirmed that Sahat had been arraigned with charges of “Stealing or receiving stolen property.” This arrest serves as a stern reminder for residents to remain vigilant and ensure their belongings are safe always.
The Patong Police reported they continue to work tirelessly to ensure the protection and security of the group, reflecting a dedication to crack down on crime within the area.
In associated information, a younger Thai TikTok user, identified as @tle_swrs, is desperately looking for legal assistance after being falsely implicated in a theft case. Despite having clear evidence of his innocence, he was wrongfully accused and located guilty because of the testament of the particular perpetrator.
The user has made quite a few courtroom appearances and has been sentenced to spend two years in a rehabilitation centre, which was later reduced to 1. Currently, he’s working on an attraction in opposition to his verdict, making an attempt to collect further proof to show his innocence. Click HERE to read more concerning the story.
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