Green airport: Suvarnabhumi’s sustainable future fueled by photo voltaic panel set up

In a decisive transfer in the course of clear vitality, the Airports of Thailand (AoT) are looking to harness the sun’s power, with the installation of solar rooftop panels on the passenger terminal of Suvarnabhumi Airport. The green airport challenge is a component of a larger campaign aspiring to derive 20% of the airport’s electricity from renewable sources in the coming two years.
Announced by Kerati Kijmanawat, the Director of AoT, the transfer is a half of the grand plan to determine Thailand’s first “green airport” reinforcing an eco-friendly strategy.
“Suvarnabhumi International Airport will turn into the green airport prototype for other airports to follow.”
It was outlined that the photo voltaic rooftop project, with a capacity of four.four megawatts, will be a significant contributor to the terminal’s electrical energy needs.
Additionally, Kerati expressed the benefits of the photo voltaic panelling system, highlighting it might probably decrease temperatures contained in the terminal by as much as seven degrees Celsius, consequently leading to an energy saving of roughly 2% for the air-con system.
The financial implications of the green airport challenge have been also clarified by Kerati, predicting an annual saving of over 11 million baht as one of many resultant features from the venture.
Showing the multifaceted benefits of the green airport initiative, Kerati additionally pointed out the environmental influence.
“This solar rooftop project will pull down carbon emissions by greater than 3,600 tonnes yearly, akin to the carbon absorption capability of 360,000 trees.”
Along with the rooftop photo voltaic panels, AoT also has plans to put in additional photo voltaic panels across the airport territory, showcasing an all-encompassing energy-efficient future. They also plan solar installations on the floor of water bodies within the airport for a twin advantage, reported Bangkok Post.
Setting Mere , Kerati put forth the AoT’s intention of tabulating 20% financial savings on the airport’s electrical energy charges by establishing 50 megawatts of panels by 2025..

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