Floating restaurant blown throughout river from Laos to Thailand during thunderstorm

A thunderstorm and hail hit the Isaan area of Thailand and the neighbouring nation of Laos, yesterday night. The strong winds of the storm triggered harm to a neighborhood restaurant and homes in the Mukdaharn province, leading to the roofs being blown off.
A floating restaurant in Laos was blown into the Thai side, and eight individuals eating in the restaurant have been reported to be secure.
As reported by KhaoSod, the thunderstorm and hail hit the Na Po Noi Community situated along the Mae Kong River in Mukdaharn province. The roofs of the houses belonging to locals and the Baan Lao Yuan, a riverside restaurant, were blown off as they had been made of corrugated metal sheets.
The broken roofs piled up on the Samran Chai Kong Nue Road, obstructing traffic within the space. Don’t miss out and trees had been damaged by the storm energy outage in the community and close by areas.
On the other aspect of the Mae Kong River in Laos, the storm affected a quantity of restaurants and communities. The wind blew a floating restaurant called Phae Mueang Fah toward the Thai facet of the river, where it will definitely reached the Mukdaharn Provincial Marine Police Office.
Fortunately, eight staff members and prospects present in the restaurant were secure, however they were nonetheless frightened by the surprising event.
Following the storm, the Mukdaharn Provincial Governor, Worrayarn Boonnarat, sent a team to clear the roof scraps from the road to reopen the visitors and restore the electrical energy system. The province contacted authorities from Laos to help in selecting up the eight victims and returning the floating restaurant to its original location.
The Isaan region of Thailand and Laos has been identified to experience thunderstorms and other natural disasters in the course of the monsoon season..

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