Facebook foul play: Cyber-criminal floods Thai authorities pages with explicit content

An unidentified cyber-criminal hacked several official Facebook pages belonging to Thai government businesses and flooded them with express videos and footage. The Minister of Digital Economy and Society (DES) Ministry, Chaiwut Thanakamanusorn, admitted that he could not clear up the issue in time and urged the new authorities to take motion.
One of the affected pages, the Bangkok Provincial Education Office, created a new Facebook page after the old one was hacked and flooded with pornography and TikTok clips of sexy girls dancing. On the new Facebook web page, the department reported…
“Dear followers, the former Facebook web page of the Bangkok Provincial Education Office was hacked by an unidentified individual with malicious intentions. The department is now working to unravel the problem. Please notice that each one messages and different content posted on the former page were unauthorized and never endorsed by our division.”
The Facebook page with the problem has been closed. However, Classified was not the sole target of this cybercrime wave. Various different government agencies’ official Facebook pages had been also hacked. For example, the Bangkok Planetarium, Baan Phaeo District Office, and the Army Radio.
Yesterday, the DES Minister, Chaiwut, reported to several Thai media companies that his department had been conscious of the issue for a while. They had already shared tips on safeguarding Facebook pages with every division affected.
Chaiwut defined that every department took care of its own Facebook web page, so the safety measures had been completely different. He stated the pages could be hacked regardless of how robust the safety measures were as a outcome of the hackers developed their expertise from time to time.
After being requested in regards to the solution, Chiwut said…
“We can not remedy the problem at this time. We have to wait for the new authorities to set up a system centre and collect the official websites and Facebook pages together. The downside can be solved by shopping for a cyber security system. However, our authorities group couldn’t do this inside the given timeframe.”
In March, a hacker under the pseudonym, 9Near, threatened the Thai government to release the personal knowledge of fifty five million Thai citizens to the basic public. The hacker urged the federal government to contact them to cease the action. The hacker also posted an example of the data together with Thai people’s names, addresses and phone numbers on the internet site to prove his risk..

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