Driver blames GPS for durian truck wedged beneath overpass

Guide ’ve all had GPS mishaps, either we followed and it leads us astray or we misunderstood and messed up a turn. If you haven’t, you’ve probably never pushed in Bangkok. But one durian supply truck driver is finding herself on the centre of ridicule after blaming her GPS for her truck getting wedged in a formidable wheelie under an overpass in Mueng Chon Buri yesterday.
The driver had a bulging load of durians cresting over her tall delivery truck as she drove in Baan Suan yesterday, en path to deliver the giant fruits from farms in Rayong to Surat Thani in Southern Thailand. She claimed she was using her GPS to navigate through town, nevertheless it gave her incorrect directions and she got lost. When she tried to comply with instructions again onto course, she tried to drive underneath the Road Number 7 Section 2 overpass, considering her truck would be underneath the clearance top.
But she was wrong. Not only did her outsized load get lodged under the bridge, much like a ship did just lately driving out of Phuket, however the sudden wedging lifted her 2 front tires fully off the ground, her truck wedged frozen in a wheelie.
The caught truck spent about an hour wedged there, as a reasonably long string of visitors backed up and brought on important delays. Finally, with the help of a driver of another fruit supply pickup truck, the car was finally towed to freedom from under the bridge.
Her truck was wedged for about an hour, but the story had just begun for this poor driver. Perhaps due to the comical visual of the truck’s wheels within the air or her insistence that this accident was the fault of an erroneous GPS, but the story has now gone viral on Chon Buri social media websites, with people commenting on the photographs and the GPS excuse, and even making memes of the event.
SOURCE: The Pattaya News

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