TAT New Year’s Eve countdown occasion will go on as planned

While Thailand is tightening its borders and restrictions in the face of the quickly spreading Omicron variant, which has now contaminated over a hundred folks within the country, the New Year’s holiday is simply over one week away. As authorities are torn between to wish to protect towards Covid-19 and the determined want of the tourism and leisure sectors to create some revenue, the Tourism Authority of Thailand has announced that they will keep their plans for a giant New Year’s Eve countdown occasion however will ramp up Covid-19 safety measures.
The steadfast decision to hold on with the countdown event is intended as a demonstration to the world that Thailand is still robust in handling Covid-19 and has security regulations in place that make the nation able to reopen to the world as quickly as Omicron is known and dealt with a bit more, according to Tourism Authority of Thailand Governor Yuthasak Supasorn.
While the TAT is committed to counting all the way down to the model new year in an excellent large celebration, they don’t have the authority to make the call and concede that they will reluctantly call off the occasion if the CCSA decides that New Year’s Eve occasions have to be cancelled.
The occasion deliberate by the TAT is determined to be secure and Covid-19 free, using an open-air venue and having strict rules for admission into the event. Only Classified shall be allowed into the occasion, and all attendees will have to register in advance and take an antigen check earlier than being admitted to the celebration. All performers, staff, and organisers of the event must equally pass an antigen check.
The World Health Organisation has really helpful that Christmas and New Year’s events be cancelled worldwide, however the TAT says they’re confident that Thailand has illness management measures in place which are ready for any post-New Year’s outbreaks. They imagine the event will be a logo of Thailand’s readiness for reopening the nation to worldwide tourism with disease control in place and a savvy steadiness between economic recovery and Covid-19 pandemic safety..g

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