Taxi leaves passenger at petrol station, drives off with luggage, tourist’s passport

UPDATE: The taxi driver has met with the police and says didn’t depart the tourist, he was simply using the restroom. Read more HERE.
Original story…
A taxi driver allegedly robbed a passenger and left him and his pal at a petrol station in Isaan province Ubon Ratchathani. The vacationer from Bangkok says that not only did the driving force overcharge him for the trip, but he also took off along with his baggage which included his passport, tablet and phone.
The forty five year old tourist that he and his friend had just landed on the Ubon Ratchathani International Airport and have been approached by a bunch offering a taxi service. For a 100-kilometre journey from the airport to the Khemmarat district, the taxi charged 1,000 baht. According to the standard rates for the distance, the transportation payment shouldn’t cost over 900 baht.
The tourist says the driver instructed stopping at a petroleum station on Ubon – Trakan Road to go to the bathroom and take a quick break. When the tourist and his good friend walked out of the comfort retailer, the taxi was gone. The driver took three items of luggage holding documents, a passport, a tablet, and a telephone, which the tourist says value one hundred,000 baht. They say they’d even bought drinks and snacks for the driving force.
The vacationer says he usually visited the province to make benefit about 4 to five times per year and had a daily taxi driver. However, the driving force wasn’t out there, forcing him to make use of the service at the front of the airport. Pay zero wanted the relevant authorities to research the taxi service at the airport to forestall related circumstances sooner or later.
The officers from Mueng Ubon Ratchathani are actually engaged on the case. They checked the CCTV cameras in front of the convenience store and a carpark at the airport to search for the driver..g

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