Prison riot “under control” after tons of of inmates lashed out over Covid-19 remedy

The prison riot in Krabi is now “under management,” according to a authorities spokesperson. Dozens of inmates began rioting last night at round 9pm, starting fires and destroying property to demand equal treatment for prisoners contaminated with Covid-19. Hundreds of officers had been deployed to the scene and the director-general of the Department of Corrections even travelled to Krabi to assist manage the scenario.
Hurry continued nicely into the afternoon and around 300 to four hundred inmates joined the riot. Around 20, to probably 40, of them had been leaders. The inmates lashed out after one prisoner was treated for Covid-19 off prison grounds. According to the Bangkok Post, round 300 inmates contaminated with the coronavirus needed to be treated at the correctional facility.
Inmates destroyed property. Some started fires. Others grabbed knives and instruments from the vocational constructing. Some tried to climb the jail fence, however officers shot rubber bullets at them, injuring three of them.
The Krabi governor led negotiators who agreed to take 14 inmates who are seriously sick out of the prison for treatment, in accordance with the Bangkok Post.
While the spokesperson says the riot is “under management,” it doesn’t look like things are that way. Officers still have to arrest the leaders of the revolt and, as reported on the Thai media outlet Matichon, over 200 police officers are on standby to arrest the leaders of the group and they additionally ready tear gasoline to suppress the situation. Authorities say inmates took highly flammable paint thinner out of the prison warehouse and they are involved that the inmates might make a firebomb.
The authorities spokesperson additionally said actions officers take to regulate the scenario shall be carried out rigorously, emphasising the safety of residents, inmates, and also officers. He additionally handed down the message from the prime minister asking every concerned division and authority to find the root cause to forestall related incidents in the future..g

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