Police say there’s sufficient evidence to convict “Joe Ferrari” on all 4 costs

The Royal Thai Police say they’ve gathered enough proof to convict the former police superintendent “Joe Ferrari” on all four costs he faces, together with killing by torture, which carries a most penalty of death. The officer, Thitisan Uthanapol, is accused of suffocating a suspect to demise whereas demanding a 2 million baht bribe. The police handed over a 2,000+ page, seven folder file on the case to the Attorney General’s Office this week. A spokesperson stated they’re anticipated to finish reviewing the case file and make a decision on whether or not to arraign Thitisan by November, which is the last day he may be held in custody.
Cash say the documents submitted contain sufficient proof to legally convict the officer. The fatal interrogation involving Thitisan and 6 of his subordinates had been caught on digital camera and leaked to the basic public by a lawyer, causing an enormous uproar.
With a public cautious of police and elites that seem to be above the law evading prosecution for his or her illegal actions, the Royal Thai Police sought to reassure the general public that they have strong and plentiful proof that can result in a conviction for Thitisan.
Police outlined the 4 main costs on which they intend to prosecute Thitisan and the six other officers being held in connection to the suspect’s death in custody…

The chief of the Crime Suppression Division also gave an replace about Thitisan’s surprising wealth that had the public fuming about how an officer with a forty,000 baht wage could amass a sprawling mansion on a big plot of land and tons of of luxury automobiles. The National Anti-Corruption Commission is completing its investigation into the cache that earned Thitisan the nickname Joe Ferrari.
The chief reported that 410 cars in total were impounded, and stated that 270 of them have been mentioned to be brought in from neighbouring international locations whereas fifty six of them had been imported from international locations in Europe. Uncomplicated about the remaining eighty four vehicles haven’t but been confirmed. The Royal Thai Police vowed to follow the investigation of Thitisan wherever it leads together with if it implicates authorities officers, celebrities, or other elites..g

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