Violence continues between navy and insurgents in Thailand’s deep south

The fighting between the army and insurgents in the Southern border provinces of Thailand continues. Yesterday the Thai army killed a suspected insurgent after a shootout in a peat swamp in the Bacho district of Narathiwat, a province on Thailand’s southern border. Snap marks the sixth rebel killed in the area in the last week.
A mixed force of Thai army and paramilitary rangers used a backhoe to make their method via the thick jungle in pursuit of the insurgents. Soldiers were ambushed, and a ten minute gun battle ensued. The insurgents eventually retreated, and as Thai safety forces followed their path, they found the dead body of a person killed in the fighting. The suspected insurgent’s body was next to a HK33 assault rifle, and rounds of ammunition.
Forensic consultants from Yala province had been introduced in to examine the body. They concluded that the man was a suspected rebel, identifying him as Sufian Yusoh. Sufian is believed to have been involved in a number of shootings and bombings as a part of the continued insurgeny within the area.
This swamp had been known as a hideout for the insurgency. Last week, the navy engaged in one other shootout in the identical swamp. Five rebels were killed throughout that incident, as well as two Thai army officers.

The peat swamp has been beneath siege since September 28 this yr. A safety source stated that the siege is prone to continue, and if the insurgents didn’t give up they might “all be flushed out and killed”..g

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