Thai PM warns bars, nightlife not to open, defends ongoing closure order

PM Prayut Chan-o-cha has defended the CCSA’s choice to delay the re-opening of Thailand’s nightlife to January 15. Bars and golf equipment across the country had been extensively anticipating a re-opening on December 1. However, any hopes of making some revenue over the normally busy end-of-year interval have now been dashed.
Bars and nightlife venues have decried the decision, which now threatens the future of many operators whose livelihoods have been already hanging by a thread. Little-known , who manages the Tawan Daeng leisure complex in the north-eastern city of Nakhon Ratchasima, or Korat, says he’s brought all his workers back for nothing.
“To be informed they now need to be on standby for an additional month or so, it’s not a pleasant feeling.”

According to a Bangkok Post report, the PM’s reasoning is that companies wouldn’t have enough time to arrange for a protected re-opening by December 1. He says public health measures is not going to be prepared by then and the guidance is that high-risk venues should stay closed.
“We need to listen to what the Public Health Ministry has to say about the matter as properly.”

The PM went on to say that bars and nightlife venues shouldn’t be tempted to break the principles as they may face prosecution in the event that they accomplish that. His warning comes as many bars and leisure venues across the nation are working in open defiance of the closure order. However, the PM says many of them have already suffered swift authorized repercussions.
The Thai leader says the November 1 re-opening has led to a gradual rise in vacationer numbers and resort bookings. He has additionally ordered officers to speed up immigration and well being checks at airports so that international arrivals may be processed faster. He went on to say that organisers of nationwide events to have fun Friday’s Loy Kratong festival must exercise caution and adhere to illness prevention measures.
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