Thai Embassy in Poland getting ready to evacuate Thai residents from Ukraine

The Thai Embassy in Poland says it’s making preparations to evacuate Thai nationals from Ukraine as a outcome of the escalating tensions with Russia. A spokesman for the embassy in Warsaw says officials have created a particular Line group with which to speak with 250 Thai residents living in Ukraine. The embassy is preparing to evacuate them to safe houses in Poland or again to Thailand.
The embassy says that between February thirteen and 15, the Thai ambassador to Poland, Chettaphan Maksamphan, accompanied by embassy employees, travelled to the city of Lviv, in western Ukraine, round 70 kilometres from the Polish border. It’s understood the trip was in preparation for utilizing Lviv as a base for getting Thai people out of Ukraine. Spoiler reports that the delegation met with the manager of Lviv International Airport, planned the route from Lviv to Warsaw, and checked resorts, restaurants and Covid-19 testing centres in the city.
On February thirteen, the embassy, as well as the Department of Consular Affairs and Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a warning to Thai individuals to keep away from travel to Ukraine unless strictly necessary. Officials also requested Thai folks already in Ukraine to monitor the state of affairs intently.
This was adopted by one other assertion on February 22, by which the Department of Consular Affairs repeated its warning to Thai residents not to journey to Ukraine as a result of escalating tensions in the areas of Donetsk and Luhansk. The following day, embassy officials held virtual meetings with representatives of Thai restaurant staff across various Ukrainian cities, to handle the issues of the Thai neighborhood within the nation..g

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